I am “Idle”, but in motion

by Sableshade

Due to some stuff I’ve seen and learned from the web this year, I can write a pitch to keep the tracks going.


     Sorry for the wait… I needed some minutes to think things over… I kind of still do, but I’m fine. Personally, I’m still never adding tags to my own topics, but I might consider throwing down some breadcrumbs… But how will I bring explorers here myself, now that’s a secret to everybody.


     South of where is one of places I’ve been that has given me some insight on my next move here. Also, only cleverness will drive one’s nerves here. As for my art, I might make those separate topics like this one. Trust me, it’s for sanity sake.


Small bites people, small bites. For now, Speed-demon Tracks is for free writing, games, art, and randomness.