Bitcoin is a thing?

by Sableshade

Crappy Apex 2014

If my picture for some reason angers you, then I’ll draw a door next time for you to use.

(Seriously I’m sorry…)

     For those of you who have survived the weather of Zub-zero, congrats. Now it is time to prepare for the later seasons once more. I’m still here and finding ways to keep myself busy, but knowledge is a little hard to find this year for some reason. It’s gotten to a point to where I’m using my oven as a heating vent. Then there’s the large month’s supply of cheese and meat products I got in the freezer (which doesn’t really help a poor artist but still), it’s a start.
I hope that someday WordPress has a more resourceful trick for making indents on paragraphs, because using software like wordpad to clean up text is a pain for people (you would think…). But I’m ranting, ignore me.

How about a topic to warm us up?

     So the digital age is upon us: banks once again have a purpose, coins are becoming counters, and thieves are still stealing from lesser theves while wearing ‘proper’ clothes (and don’t even get me started with reseachers, because I love research, but still…). For those of you who love hating on something, we will soon have our old folks being forced to learn the internet. (Now listen to me) I know that the higher ups have been doing this for years, but for real…. they have found the best way yet to make it work; Bitcoins!

It’s odd, but it’s real.