To the next consoles!

by Sableshade

     Today everyone is getting ready to play their new games on their freshly and perfectly built gaming console, and every thing in the great world order will be restored… or so they say as reporters, gaming news and other sources predict the false fates of 2013 (but, are they false? Only hours will tell).

     Regardless if the multi-purpose handhelds and tablets are the way to go in many parts of the industry, I’m just happy to say that if nothing horrible is going down behind the scenes, I’ll be glad about that. But I’m still, not alot of cools things happened this year based on some people’s opinions. I know that I’m becoming comfortable with speaking with the waves within net and getting what I need from it. (Like family, like child I guess…)

If its ok, I’ll like to keep these very little posts without a fancy picture. See ya.

(You know what sucks, the idea that Nintendo’s Wii U for some social reason isn’t counted as a new console with this year’s “next Gen” consoles, but trust me, I know full well why. I just don’t like it. I guess, people just grow up. But seriously, the rest of this year better not end up like a repeat of the beginning or so help us all.)