Building Circuits with Scissors

by Sableshade

Get a job

It’s good to see people feeding each other info about how to make game plans. Yesterday, I tried to reboot my new computer with my OS cd, but got stuck for an hour trying to just what a partition was. So I got a friend who knows about it to deal with it, and now I got even more tricks up my sleeve.

(It’s a shame that I still can’t win a human game of chess with such knowledge…)

     I’ve went to camp for the weekend last week and did a few different things to get my mind and eyes in order; I had a dog bark at me like an intruder (I’ve been going to this camp for 15 years, keep this in mind), I’ve flew down the Zip line course for the second time (and lived), I skipped swimming, had lots of food I didn’t really want but enjoyed, and I didn’t lose any of my stuff.

No really, the best part of camp this year is that I met another artist. This artist lives a lot closer than one other contact I know. (The far away is famous for her donkey head-human painting, look for it!) The new artist I know seems to have a women movement group that uses art to express today’s political and social worlds (and important women stuff that people should know about, seriously…) Explore these things when you get the chance, because the time for just kickin it has ended – we all got to polish some old skills.

Before I go for today, I’ll just note that I’ll be exploring some more art history as I build more details for my personal game projects. I’m thinking of planting some breadcrumbs of my teammates as well as forum sites. That’s all I can think and say for now.

May someone out there find my rambles handy, because I got plenty of words, but only two hands.