Hub level: Fel Desen

by Sableshade

Fel Desen Map rough

Here is a basic blueprint of a level map that could be used for team reference. In this case, this map is for the grotto village, Fel Desen. That index you see on the picture will allow me to add icons to the map, giving the layout some detail while I use it for making a 3D blockout (I might even replace some of the icons for fancy sake).

To give you guys more detail about my map – the green patches help the viewer understand where the ground is (Dark green is the first floor, green is the second floor, and currently, bright green is the walls. Although the player will never be able to go through these walls, they can at some point be allowed to run along them to reach the distant section on the bottom left of this map for example.

To me, a hub level is nothing without its landmarks. You need landmarks to help give players a trail to follow. A field of grass, some yellow stone pathing, memorable NPCs… I plan on using three main sources of landmarks: the great Stoneflower, the great tree, and the trees themselves. This segregation trick should at least give the player the chance to note that the village is strangely color-coded, giving them the power to find the entrance, their side quests, and the main quest more easily.

Now, for those who like backstory:

Fel Desen is a place of worship that belongs to the walking plant tribe of the 7th-9th’s. Over centuries of rampant growth around the desert near Pumpkin Mountain has gradually caused the sand to be condensed back into useable soil. The founders and devoted followers all became infused by the roots and plants of the Great Desen tree, which they wore around themselves and consumed once no other resource were possible to obtain without facing violently changing sandstorms and wildlife. Fel Desen is now one of the many peace zones where other tribes of war can talk amongst themselves freely, while noting that the walking plants themselves seem to protecting this place with floral snares, a single archer army, and a web of false paths.

Well, that’s all for now…