Catgroove, let that beat build!

by Sableshade


What is it 

Yo, what does this look like to you?


     Throughout the last couple of days I’ve been trying to fix an audio problem on my new computer. It works exactly the way I need for it to work, my only means of sound however is with headphones – which is fine for now. Aside from that, I’m going to put it through some large scale tests to make sure it doesn’t break when I need it most. It played the Binding of Isaac at it’s best compared to my (now) backup computer. If it can survive other pc games like Thief or at least run Unity and Maya, I’ll count this whole adventure a success. But, it seems I almost forgot that my life is temporally no longer my own to enjoy. The job shark I personally hired to protect me has now awakened (though some natural job metamorphic shift as a man instead of a woman) to help keep me from becoming a lazy potato.

I’m going to need a plan soon, that works.

Everything seems to be in motion

Just need a team to keep me focused

I’m no leader

But I’m inspired

Once my stories are done

When my simple art is noticed

I’ll have more

Simple yet complex

There will be jokes and jokers

There are always jeers and crabs

So many crabs

So many creeps

For now I’ll keep working is silence

That’s how I choose to freelance

Explore when ready

Not when forced

That’s the plan

If so simple

If not complex

That’s my idea


     Poem aside, I’m going to continue cleaning up my little resume sites and resume for the new job shark. He plans on finding new game industry links and jobs for me to fish for on a weekly basis (don’t ask me how). To open other career paths, I’ve given him the freedom to look into architecture and other obscure jobs that college has indirectly prepped me for. (Should of told him to look for writing jobs too, fick!)