June 9, 2013; Another day, beating designer’s boredom

by Sableshade

     I wouldn’t often believe that seeing so many people missing so many people would become a depressing factor in my life. I know full well that most of those who will be missing my 2013 class will not be missing me. However, I don’t completely believe my own words, but this awkwardness is creeping up in me with dark intentions. It could be due to the fact that I failed at finishing the gorilla logo I wanted to make for today‘s contest, it could be the feeling that without an indirect force, I’m not motivated to work on my projects just yet. Who knows? (and who cares…)

…I want a steak sandwich.

     With that dark thought out of the way, I understand that I’ll find something to boost my spirits, without using the physical kind. Later this month I’ll be heading back to the fields of a place known as Camp Rainbear. A weekend camp area that teaches children how to be teammates and be kind while having fun for three days. Since my kid days are mostly done, I just enjoy watching everyone enjoy themselves as I walk between farm sites looking for cats and attempting to pray to the country Llama with my camera ready. I hope that my people out in the country still have enough funding to bring artists to the site. I don’t think I want to be their personal artist for kids until I have had about a month to retain my old figure drawing skills (for personal use, of course). Last week, I mistakenly destroyed a great chance to build my computer due to a challenging RPG game about darkness and souls making lose track of time. This week, I will not make it happen again!

     Although I’m not making stuff right now, don’t you dare conclude that I’m not thinking stuff up and not adding it to my Steno notebook‘s “Pillar of ideas“. I’m unemployed, not lazy. But I’ve started looking around at sites I buried my name into years ago while I was starting school. If you happen to find the Powerline logo somewhere, I might not reply to you, but you’ll know if that’s me for sure. Besides, I love making breadcrumbs.

Time for a topic today!

     When I was a kid, I wasn’t the type of person to slack off on a task; even with spelling lists and history stuff (which at times I hated with a dark passion), I made mental barriers to stop myself in case I started to procrastinate for any reason. If I ever did manage to cheat on my barriers, I would find ways to punish myself – before that, those who wanted to see me at my best did the mental punishing for me. You can’t rely on these barriers forever, but you can always design more. So here’s an idea, for each week I go without blogging, I’ll display a word of power either from my youth, what I know now, or a new word that I know I don’t know. To sweeten the deal, I’ll start talking about topics I know about based on chats from forum sites that involves games (because I don’t think I’ve been fair with game topics on this blog so far). Or at the least, I’ll just keep talking about random stuff that makes people think like that V-Sauce guy…something like that.

     For now, I’ll be planning level layouts for a place called “Fel Desen”. I’ll speak again soon.