New frontier, old habits

by Sableshade

Working gorilla

Believe me, I’m going to find a way to make this an awsome logo!

     I don’t recall the last time I made a post, but now I have a lot of stuff done and my internship went pretty well. They haven’t spoken to me yet about anything new, (…but I hope that they can make the best of my notes) as I’m now graduating from what feels like a 4 year adventure -by Saturday at a fancy auditorium outside of my city. The International Academy of Design and Technology has been one of my greatest experiences in my life for a handful of reasons: the unique encounters with open-minded and colorful individuals, the lack of an awkward lifestyle of assimilation between groups of people, the computer and computer programs I wish I had at home, the words everyone speaks to each other about the goals we each have but will take some self devotion to complete… well, at least social media is picking up, very quickly I might add.

     While keeping tabs on the small group of people I plan to make an A-team out of, I’ll now be a part of the great human race to beat down life debts and work on my personal projects. Starting with a simple contest to design a gorilla logo for a powerful military group who wants a fresh new look. I have until the 9th to complete this logo and when I’m done, I hope they make use of it.

     I’ll start making my presence more noticeable somewhere on the internet. I’m also going to need to work with real people and the ways of social media somehow so that I can be heard of, if not spoken about daily…I not looking for fame just yet. As always, that comes later.

     The biggest news, I’ll start speaking more and weekly, but also briefly, instead of ranting for just one day. Bye!