Game Ripples

by Sableshade

Bobo the Toe Crusher

Today I’m saying this starting at 9:59AM.


     Hello, it’s nice to be able to say what’s on my mind. For my teams, I just have to do some revision work. A lot of revisions, but not big ones.

     I’ve showed my mentor, the intern team, and my Capstone class my level thumbnails and digital concepts (everyone can understand the digital stuff better). Now I just got to make random people play test my readable concepts and turn them into playable levels. My mentor has reminded me with feedback that I should consider the fact that my player(s) will be able to learn from simple encounters, but shouldn’t be given challenging ones right off the bat… that fun stuff comes later. My focus is still to ensure that anyone can easily pickup my final designs and build the level itself with no further help from me. Since I can build references and mini indexes before a scripter has to request for it, I’m in pretty good shape during the starting stages of a game project in this case. My only concern is working with an agile development group when everybody else is at their full power. Right now, this would be crunch time for all teams, but for me, it’s been crunch time from the start. I get plenty of rest in the midway point due to how busy everyone else becomes. The moment they need me though, I have to able to show up like a -insert witty simile here…- reference.

I’ve learned from an article from Gamasutra what a level kit is.

(What is a level kit?)

     The funny thing, I’ve always learned to build my own level pieces for the sake of greyboxing. If a level designer and an artist for a project were to work together, they could build all kinds of blueprints for a level. However, it’s wise to make sure that the artist knows what objects represent in a game level, because it will give them a better picture of what an ingame object is designed for, word for word.

     Seriously, not even the artist wants to make a mistake as simple as a wall that is meant to be “a window with a small hole” for viewing to be wrongly drawn as “a bent fence”. Could you imagine how bad this would be when you’re trying to finish making an FPS game or a platformer? In my web team, my artist thought I was being serious when I joked about making a level for miniature man with a red hat, when in realtime I aimed towards a building the level for a princess (Sometimes you just can‘t joke with certain people the same their friends can, just saying.). The size of the stage luckily turned out to be the right size for our character, but I chose to never again bring up that topic. Small things like that however will make a difference, for worst and wear.

     I also feel like explaining the idea of another one of my characters to the web. He is from the same series as Orei but from a different culture; Bobo Boba.

     Bobo Boba is best described as an aruacaster with power over fumes and filth. He has lived long enough to pass on this skill to his pupils and anyone who respects him, while crushing or freighting those who dare underestimate his power of pestilence or his loyal junk specter that lives within his gunk sack. Bobo is a wise man with the patience of a crocodile, investing time and research on making the perfect use out of pollution as a scientist, while working as a hired thug for explorers. Bobo’s skills become more powerful in the direct presence of fire and can be used on landfills of pollution once he has fused his aura within it.

     Within a game scenario, Bobo Boba is meant to act as a player’s mentor and advisor of adventure. He’s not intended to follow you, he just happens to wind up where you’re going from time to time while doing his own thing: fighting thugs, taming monsters, collecting wildlife, and other weird things like finding hidden paths within the world (for himself, of course).

     Aside from the fun facts about that guy, this month is going to be a clutch moment for me. I’m waiting with a grin of pride for the last weeks of school, but the lessons for me don’t stop at the finish line, that comes way later… say about 10+ years from now. New games and devices will swarm the market, telling us all once and for all if we took this stuff too far. I know I want money, but I’ve never considered shaking the poor for pocket change. Besides, I know the feeling. It will be fun having some free time, but first things first, research for a job that goes hand and hand with my current skills, like typing… (Ok, not typing)

     It has to be something… I downright refuse to become some couch potato or a human parasite. When I’ve made the time to put that pile of computer parts together to make “Charlotte”, I’ll be at my true strength, as far as technology is concerned. I might even try grabbing myself a tablet…

     …I’m living one day at a time ok? All things said so far, I’m proud to even have the option to scream that I’m prideful.

See you all, next topic, at Speed-demon Tracks!

(At? On? Nah!)

Finished this thing at 1:15PM… Don’t ask…