Habit of a madman

by Sableshade

     Another Tuesday (now a Wednesday). I know. I know, this is just getting ridiculous. I’m almost running out of excuses to not post on the day I planned, but enough of that, let’s get to talking about the day in a life of a madman. Yesterday I started on some vignettes on levels for one of my game project teams.

Believe in the reset block

Behold! More concepts! (movable and resetable block puzzles)

     These and more (that can’t be shown, here because of the fear of the sky falling on my face) are meant to give me some ideas on how to build levels based on simple puzzles and tricks. As I’ve may have said, the work I’m inscribed to do as an intern is going to be used to display concepts to the higher ups to become a real entertaining game for girls and other audiences who like robots and STEM. If you don’t know what STEM is, then I’m not telling you (that it’s: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) anything that could be looked up with the internet about what it is. You’ll just have to (read my last sentence to make a) deal with it and not know about the power of egg parachutes or how paper can be used to hold a car in place in midair.

     For now, let me tell you about my ideas for the next few things that can impact my life, if I let them…

     When I do finish my last term, the professionals above me would likely say something like “talk to your connections and hone your skills, then get a job” but as I say this, I was thinking more towards look for a normal job first then hone my skills… I’ll see what I can do though. I have a resume ready for another update, but before I start planning my cap and dress (gown), I need to make sure that the couch is never my wingman while doing all of my work. Besides, I got 3 weeks left to finish all of my planned progress (in real time, I got 4 weeks… Work like a madman!)

     Aside from work, my eyes are not going to get better (and not because of these cursed glasses that were forged with a demon pan and nose clippers), I am stating that now because I seem to be losing my sense of sight at a painfully slow rate. (Did I mention how painful optic migraines are? I mean, seriously! If I get the chance to stop looking at a computer screen for a month at this point… I‘ll pleasingly take it!) Whenever I remove my flimsy glasses, I see that I can’t describe detail that is just a few feet away. In the dark I am as blind as a bat, but at least I can still see light. At the very least, I can hope that my sight doubles back to my youth’s original set, but at least I know that I’m not helpless while in my rhinoized state. If they do go back to normal (I hope, right?), I might eat my hat and throw my phone, base on my sense of doubt. Till then, I’ll assume that my life is on a little timer (not to say that my life isn‘t already…), regardless of how the world is right now: If I fool around too much before I can finish my life goals, let’s just say that I’ll likely get what’s coming to me some day (it’s not a free trip to E3 at this point… I already had that chance…). I’ll at least try my darnest to keep my eyes how they are now, because…

I want to see how this all ends…

All of it….

     The streets are hot, with 70 and up temperatures, people eating each other off the streets piece by piece, and my body is being prepped for another walk in the motor city to show more of my level design work to my Capstone peers. If I get the chance to show any of my big work on the side as a portfolio piece from this robot project, I’ll be able to cheer and show more of my time crunching stuff on here when I have the funds that I can use as I see fit. But, security comes first… I might pick up copyrighting, learn some things…

     My friends are all doing that boring “life management goals” thing that I honestly should be doing everyday, because right now this is one of my only outlets to you guys, and anyone with a curious eye will find for miles in the internet.

     My cyber friends are trying to finally regroup with me about 4 years later to make sure that we all don’t lose each other again for awhile; It’s a good thing. Even though I’m not the best commenter, I do know how to maintain a topic and pick fun and fair friends. Ironically, I have a cyber friend who believes that I’m a jerk to him (jerk is my word; he says that I’m mean, but he’s never called me anything besides that), and yet every person I’ve ever met of his end has either tried to feed off of my anger, tempt me into fighting them online (verbal and virtually only thankfully. Trust me, I know better) or put me down for not knowing a topic, like not knowing the 52 states of America (but everyone puts people down at some point, right?).

     My real life friends may as well be those friends, but with faces to hide behind instead of a name or title. I’m proud to say that I’ve gained the darkest and most colorful set of people so far by the little distance I’ve traveled in the lakes of lamprey (Even though most of my friends act like the world should have ended on the 1st of 2013, they come from rich backgrounds. Some even have skills that my schools thought we were too dumb for or just couldn‘t afford… Let‘s just say: you could be jumped by a classroom of anything for being different), compared to some people on the web who at one point, dragged me into an drama over some word of everyday prejudice, preference, and experience vs pure skill… that’s scary;


How am I alive again?

Oh, yea!

Because I’m already a zombie, in a way of thinking… next topic!

     Some of my friends keep joking about all of us living in a house together to pay off rent instead of living with family. I’d laugh to that, but I can’t, because the only rent I pay right now is game subscriptions and the “need bar” (luckily, not the “want bar“ -can’t afford that right now). Some of them are even planning a game reference fashion tour. Something about Pokemon. Look around the mitten one day, you’ll find them trying to help bring back life to our little city of cars as well as the rest of the lakes, if you can find us on a map that is…

     As for my personal projects (if anyone remembers Orei, I’ll be impressed), when school is done, I’ll invest more time and have the whole desert warrior lore scripted and ready for public bashing on some writing website, maybe by the end of 2013.

The gimmick?

     I just need to be in one piece to do it. I have some grey hair, but I don’t plan on being lifeless yet!

See you all, next week…

(“TURN & BURN“: It‘s been stuck in my head for awhile.)