Chant of the maddman

by Sableshade


Motion stem

See the words and breath into the wind, I have for you my words of zen

I’ve been away for more than a mere Monday

And detached my promise to the Speed-demon Tracks

Let’s count this one as my first broken post, because it’s bound to happen again

I’ll aim with a sharpen persona to avoid it as often as I can

I want this to say to myself and those who find it to be an apology

After all, not everyone can write one, not even say it when they need to

Today, I can say that I’ve made progress with my game team

Yet now, I need to pass another trial


Puzzle problem

It hurts to work with less freedom, but pain is a love I know that bears gifts

I have my icons…

My maps…

I got backups, among backups…

But I don’t have a clue on how to approach my mentor with it all

And they tell me now, that documents and blueprints… have a purpose…


it’s about time!

Puzzle solved

     Designers say that level design can burn you out. You got to plan, sketch, make a pile of bird cookies, resketch, test (WITH YOUR BODY) for trail and trial, and error, and other unforsaken stuff… Even though I’m trying to net fun, work, and play together, I’m having a good time doing this. What can I say, I like building worlds.

     However, I’ll admit on the fact that I’ve had a few days (maybe hours?) where I’ve felt like this was impossible – even though I’ve done it all before, on hard mode…


Them eyes

(all of this…)


     I’ll say with vigor that at this point, I’ll be fine with anything they need to throw at me when it comes making a paper of instructions. It’s one of the many tools that high school gave me with a shearing ruler to make me learn anything – that and typing (we didn’t have anything else but Office). Aside from basic art, I know how to a president stop stare at my papers. For now, I just need to get my team to better understand this…

I’ll speak more on this Monday.

     See ya!