High tech lightning storm

by Sableshade


     It’s chilly today in the city of cars where I, Sableshade have to travel through rain, thugs, and hard working human beings to began another day at making a robot game for girls (not to mention building levels for another game that’s about a princess who saves a knight who looks like he needs no saving whatsoever). I must research free to play games while doing all of this stuff, because the wrath of the game production proctors demand that I know how it feels to be a kid… I mean, a hard working human being, yeah.

     Anyway, sorry for the late heads up, I’ve been learning a lot about smartphones and tablets -something that one of my proctors believe will take over the game industry by storm, but the way I’ve been seeing it, it has kind of turned people into careless dollar spenders- which is why I’ve been gone and not sleeping in a puddle somewhere with red drink.

     This will have to be another wall of text where I don’t show a pic (sorry, but times are dark right now, with the racing jokes, and my city’s beggars’ Dogs taking peoples skin for not having money to throw at them… And my dark thoughts are acting up to where I can’t plan for a decent day, without preparing for a fight with myself to not feel timid before looking at another person full of fear in their eyes to say: “I’m sick of living with….lack of security…”)

     Speaking of security, why do we now feel like the need to bear ranged arms are vital to our survival? In my case, I now carry rocks in my backpack for the sake of protection while just going to the next city over by bus. I mean it, I’ve haven’t had dark thoughts this bad since my middle school days (…for those who can’t spot public security before it jumps you with teens who don’t even go to your school…R.I.P). Seriously, I would hope that people could be more observant of the world around them, but I’m the one who has to where glasses for the rest of his life. The worst part, the glasses I got now seem to slide off my face when I stop to try to eat something, but it’s not like I can just ask for new ones… if only I knew how bad life’s next move was…

     Well, nothing left to do but smile a bit. Even as I’m getting hit with one tragic turn after another, what I’m going to do? Jump?

     Nah, too easy…

     But it sucks that I’m so bummed out by my eyes, my beggar beef, the lack of control in a city of chaos and ripe rumors (that I love), and my level design progress. All of this has my mind at a “I’m here again, clinging to these Rambles of a Maddman to make sure that my dark thoughts, nor my demons consume me before I even get started on finishing my lengthy goals“ moment. Feeling like I’m the only one struggling with issues that can give man a bad body that binds him to failure.

     But that’s life, right?

     If you live in fear, you’ll find yourself safe from everything, but clinging to imaginary walls that keep you from yourself.

     Live with anger, everyone will either respect you with fear and distrust or destroy you with anger in kind.

     Live in doubt, then you risk missing out on a big break, even when you need it most.

     Funny thing is, I use these dark thoughts to help motivate me even after the news hits with “another 7 dead near your house, 22+ kidnapped by creeps, inner city managers robbing people with cop cars, seriously?” (again, remember, most of this doesn’t happen in my city… in that order, but it does pay to look at the sky every once and awhile unless you want to wind up with a broken car alarm, seriously).

     With three cars with broken alarms as I say this (outside my house), don’t be afraid to be afraid, enraged, or in doubt. Find ways to make these mental walls a floor for your ideas and strength. As for me, I got a ride to chase tomorrow. For those who care, I’ll do my best to be here next week (hopefully, Monday) with new topics to rant about… And one more thing…

“May the birds watch your hide, and grant you winds of wisdom for your wings.”