Stay prideful!

by Sableshade

Sawtooth sandshark

     The challenge here today is for me to speak about a fun topic that doesn’t make me feel like I’m harming the simple complex mind of my fellow human being. The thing is though, nothing but offensive and grimdark stuff is flowing through me like an eye within a silent storm -ready to cream anyone who has enough nerve to take the very thing I’ve tried so hard to preserve -not for my sake, but for the sake of others who care about me more than I truly care for myself.

     After hearing more echoes from a blackbird too dark to see stabbing at a stranger somewhere near some kid’s house, with maybe more nightmares than I could imagine for myself at this point, I say this to keep my own nerve in place: “STAY PRIDEFUL”.

     Even if your little hat is knocked off your head by the demons and shadows within the darkness, you gotta keep your head calm, cool, and skewed; never let your doubts make you a victim for someone’s gain, but instead use parts of it that’s useful as your strength.

     Now that I’m done trying to keep myself alive here… This week I’m doing research on a list of serious games, what it means, and how to make it work to help people. I’ve impressed my team with a paper prototype I made over the week, but because I don’t know a lot about copyright at the time I’m saying this, I can still show you guys a single picture that I’ll never hand over to them that has helped me build the level that I’ll recreate using the power of the Unity… after some trial and error of course.

My first lv in Modabot

     If this pic for any reason makes me look less of a game designer, I’m afraid to say it, but you should take a look at my resume before you dare question my designing skills. This is legit, and its going in the game that I’m helping to build… and I’m the one to design this thing (if only the copyright didn’t keep me from showing my awesome prototype though… oh well.) Trust me, it looks better than it is (no, no. better than it looks, in this case).

     With April fools day being the time that I’m making this, I guess I could come up with a gag for those who find this site and need to drag humor on the walls of normally…

“Send a link, get a link,” some page on a professional Bookface site taught me that:

Happy (after) April Fools day!

Happy (after) April Fools day!

Happy (after) April Fools day!

To be honest, if none of the above links work, that would be the ultimate April Fools joke that you would ever get from me. …

As long as the stuff I showoff is friendly, I shouldn’t be hated to infinity, right?

     The only thing that sucks about this though, is that my little link is currently out of date and may not get up dated until I find real work instead of this internship, but… I do love making levels for players to explore. If you guys have any questions about what on that link, I’m all ears, as long as I’m still around to listen… Stay prideful!