Fix’n bones and finding new parts

by Sableshade

     Bought a U device tonight instead of my computer parts that I planned for. But hey! New game console, new day! Right? The parts that I was planning to buy were planned out nearly piece by piece, because I’ve never built a computer before. However, the day I finally get to put my apples and bags in place, it turns out that the place where everything’s low priced, (every minute of everyday I tell ya,) this one store, among the 10’s of others like it in the Great lakes doesn’t sale desktop (or any other) computer parts.

     (Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick- is the expression I feel for dragging my dear aunt from her beautiful home, past the pitch black streets where I see people watching their backs for shadows of spite and famine.

     The same series of darker streets that I would never curse on anyone to walk alone unless they jeered good‘ol Grimmy Blades or something.

     The very goon, crime, and fear infested voids that strangely protect me from everything else… besides pocket shuffling beggars apparently. I almost give up… proud I didn’t.

     I mean it, if it wasn’t for the fact that I wanted a U device -compared to the post about beggars taking more than my change in the past- I’d be talking to Grimmy myself by now with special thanks from my sweet’ol aunt just because of sheer bad luck and insight. Please don‘t ask for details…just understand, and thank you., for listening.)

Sad guff, over. Now let’s get to my game stuff!

(Note the pic is down here this time!)

Rock Growler

     Now I, with honest hearts here have no idea what my final term at my college is holding for me, but for the people who one day will read this (ALL OF IT, I hope…) I only need your eyes. Speaking of eyes; Today, my intern “Taskmaster” (that’s what I’m calling him for story reasons, suck it!) has been playing around with some schedule/team building chart for our game project (from the looks of things either he knows that I‘m a flexible learner, or he thinks that I‘m some kind of mechanical clock circuit, because don‘t think the online rainbow graph I saw was really meant for my eyes, but his (considering the fick I‘ve been through so far since even before the Tracks, I don‘t judge, I just assume)). In short, I don’t know what it is, or what it means yet, because I like to figure fair facts out on my own.

     Point is, my “Mentor“, who is my personal overseer of my part of the project still needs to speak with me one on one before Thursday this week. Why? I need to know who she is. Besides, not even my Capstone proc knows her voice. But from what I know, my Mentor is suppose to help me in some way with my level design skills for the robot construction game that needs to be built in paper stage soon, (along side a guy I know who appears to have a more stressful life than me, and I‘m the guy with white hair in the group;) this plot is killing- no not killing… Crackling -Yes! Crackling me up with madness (mostly randomness, not madness). I can’t wait for the week to began for real, but the more days I get before Thursday, the more prepped I’ll be.

     With this stuff off my bowl, I beg for the wrath of my future self to forgive me for missing another personal deadline by an hour (in eastern time).

See ya!