Internships are underrated

by Sableshade

Cinder guards jumping a wall    

     I don’t do enough research on certain topics as a college student, but I do know how to research topics that are key or seem off topic to what I need. In many cases, this is how I’ve learned to be a flexible writer if not a fast one. Throughout my life, I’ve been taught to improve my writing speed, typing speed, and subconsciously, my work speed. Sadly, my writing speed has never truly improved and nor my other skills, but… I’ve sped up in a way that allows me to almost control how much time I can have to finish speed focused projects. My secret? Understanding the skills you got and gaining more knowledge from other skills, no matter how small.

     From what I know, people in my work area always talk about how there are people who don’t work at all to pursue their goals, but they quietly sit on the path anyway while they gradually grind their own minds away with hate, shame, or doubt; I‘m talking about those how become so enraged by a confusing topic, that they wind up lacking grace, harmony, balance, focus, or other techniques that are or can become vital to their future work one day. I’ve at one point failed to eschew a vicious taboo that I’ve lived with since childhood and promised to myself that I wouldn‘t dare throw it at people like some excuse- I’ve announced the fact that I work slower than the average student. And yet, here we are…

     I’m close to finishing college and I got an internship to work on a robot construction game with some team that is so powerful, that if wasn’t for my obliviousness towards power figures and celebrities, I’d be dropping my assorted chocolates and packs of cookie dough right now.

     Now there is some irony to this story, but first, I’m going to explain a lesson to you and myself that will be a reminder of effort…maybe I’m going somewhere with this. (Listening to music while typing is- (no!)) One of my strongest traits has been breaking down objects, topics, lessons, words, and emotions to understand them better. For people how cannot bring themselves to do this, I’ve learned to explain facts and opinions to them like a teacher (I’m no pro, but I’m glad people can really understand my randomness), and my passion has been geared towards guiding the flow of things from beyond personal perspective, maybe even death, (maybe…)

     So, as I work on this internship project, I suppose that I could finally record something worth talking about on Speed-demon tracks -that, and this my free week off (due to term rights and challenges… don’t ask!). The funny thing for me will be that (wait for it…), if I do finish all of the work that an intern can have sallied on them on a weekly basis, I might have a future, but let’s be serious about facts here(and… go!); I’m typing this topic during an era where my most loyal gaming friend is foreseeing nightmares of another game industry crash, people from all sides are worshipping standard video games like movies and sports programs (game are not movies people), and the so-called higher ups are dragging their very well made fruit baskets across uncanny valleys, thinking that people are going to just eat them up during the new year -and I’m aiming on being a part of the individual side of the video game designer world (on a hill) with nothing but an energy based katar sword, a flesh bag of junk bombs, an overly small ATV, and a single use junk/rocket launcher…

(*sigh*, right?


You got to give me credit for still adding mental twists in my words, it‘s all I got man, it keeps people amused when I‘m being all serious and stuff. It keeps me from feeling like something I‘m not, you know. Anyway………………….)

I feel like I must be out of my flippin mind here. And yet… here we are…

     As a level designer who enjoys making places for people to explore and building stories and rules for them to follow, I know that in my eyes, I can’t think of my role and title as some one way career path that locks who I am, regardless of what people tell me. I just hope that when it comes to any interview or life lesson, that some of the questions are geared towards giving me more stuff to learn.

     “Well, see ya people as the city let’s me; and if it let’s me,” I’ll be speaking again next Monday (I still want to do that weekly note thing, but for now, this will have to do).