Goose on a Roof

by Sableshade

     (I think my computer doesn’t like my friend’s book idea, because this is my second try at making this future blog post for my future self…)

Goose on a Roof

Hi! I made another picture that has little to no… Well, I’ll use the one given to me from the past instead.

     But still, welcome back to Speed-demon tracks!

     The place that acts as a way to give and create story and game ideas for the people who matter (and the people of the future, apparently).

     Today’s topic is… Symbols! I love symbols. The power of the expressions, the mystery of the sign itself, the meaning of multiple ones…even gang and religious symbols have a place here, but I’ll leave those signs for game ideas only (the people know why, trust me). The way a symbol is imprinted… ok, let me stop for a sec:

     (I saw a goose on a roof on the 9th of March! I don’t know if geese do this all the time, but for a guy who doesn’t live with them in the urban lands, it’s a pretty big deal. I understand how such a plump bird could land on a rock covered rooftop if there were safe zones, but come on! The only true safe spot on a roof would most likely be the ledges… the infamous small ledge.)

     Now if I ever had the chance to make a symbol, I would make it a sign that would be easily to notice, but challenging to argue with -something like the business about Jaffa cakes being real mini cookie cakes or biscuits.

     I hope someone out there is taking notes, because these topics are much more than just random (Like I said from the start, this blog is more than a talkathon for me and others out there). I can’t recall if I had a topic on hold I wanted to talk about at the moment I posted this thing, but as always, if the city allows I’ll be back next week to give the readers, viewers, speakers (why would they ever want to talk about this hoopla is beyond my head), something else to think about.

     Head hurts… need zzz’s… soon… enjoy the book coming out one day, “Goose on a Roof”. I’ll try to be first to make it, before my friend does…I hope.