I’ve lost a thing and survived: Based on a true story

by Sableshade

Apex the hellhound

     I’ve relearned a lesson I put on a sign in world that takes place in a land of cubes and cubed creatures: “Take what you want to lose…” This sign was placed near a chest as a reminder to everyone and mainly myself that you must assume that zombies, leaf people and other monsters will one day take your favorite things- and never give them back. Incoming topic.

     After losing a somewhat priceless investment to a group of young hungry beggars, I’ve sat with this enclosed hatred and fear that I should pursue this story for about a few days now. I’ll go into details… but only in a way that matches how I speak to you so far.

     Don’t worry, this story of a moral lesson that has allowed me to even speak on this week about it is just a safety measure that I put in place just in case something like this ever happened… Plus I put a little curse on anything that is taken from me, because begging is a business, not a democracy.

     Posting/“bragging“/recording about it may seem crude, but begging is a serious problem that allows only one party or person to walk way happy before the Pipers show up. (Pipers are a part of my 7th-9th‘s series. In this case, let’s call them the higher ups).

     Anyway, you guys might know about the stereotype who just posts themselves in front of stores, gas stations, and places where no one chats to normal folks at right? Normally you don’t have to worry much about these guys; they’re just public neighborhood security- they watch out for Noobies and anyone who would provide problems to the neighborhood or their daily job. Now remember that part where I said about them being stereotypes, I now understand what sort of happens when those guys find a threat/target/trade shift (because, after all, this a job), after another series of on foot stakeouts and (hopefully) some planning, they conduct business accordingly with these potential clients the same way any hustling beggar does well, in some cases, people are forced into business with young children (must love them kids beggars right?) or even animals that are so desperate, that they take more than they should try. If you can understand my short topic so far, good, because here’s the kicker.

     I grew up in a lifestyle where poorer people and children fell victim to bullying and acts of crime due to the idea that if you were alone, you were weak, and if you could take on anyone in single combat (even for a few seconds) you were respected. Sadly, respect is like a statue, one simple thing can ruin the piece. So if you wanted respect, you had to take other people’s respect from them to build yourself up, while praying with your eyes that newcomers would never show up. In my case, the only time I ever took respect from a man or woman was if they ever tried to prey on me one on one… I always keep focus on the question: How to make them leave me alone. I’ve outran, slammed, and screamed my way out of a few jams, but I think my most useful trick has been simply staying silent. If some punks or creeps can’t take a silent no for an answer, then as I grew I’d throw the Pipers on them and watch or simply prove to them (in my own way listed above) that I would never let them drive me to insanity. Oh, the memories, and the adventures of karma…sweet karma…

      This and other topics have helped shape me into the type of guy who has learned to notice much more than the music blasting in his ear, the wire framed glasses he wears, and the afro shell that has a few grey hairs in it from the thought of mob rocks hitting his head:

I know how to time my routes within the city

I can notice people that feel out of place

I remember secrets and only the stretched truth, no lies

I can predict a creep, a thief, a hostile person

I can read a moving group of people before they can read me

I have nothing to lose but plenty to give to people, based on my words

I am aware of crime in motion if it concerns me

I can adapt in the face of it

I know enough about the dark side to join it

I know that the dark side is not my kind of place

I can be quiet at all times, even in the light

     When I need to be, I can quite the madman, however my recent experience has given me another idea for one of my game character arcs in terms of how he and friends struggle for a living within a city of demons, veggies, and wisps. For now, think of it like this: before demons or other monsters are even allowed into a gang society of any sort, they must prove their worth; the young ones steal priceless accessories or powerful relics from targets, the older creatures may have to defeat a gangs’ champion or even put a another creature down, but everyone else who have nothing to do with this gang stuff struggle to live a hard working daily life, living on mere pocket change to defend themselves from darker minds and keep their modern city of medieval structures and apartments running smoothly. The main character in all of this acts with a moral loyalty for his friends, but with his logic skills and the power of a debt organization, he makes a name for himself and the people he represents while still being demonic gangster.

      I’ll be back with more things to say later or next Monday if the city allows it. Till then, always keep your eyes on. You may know if someone wants your power, but don’t always try to fight for it, put a curse on it instead, and gain more however you see fit.


Power is replaceable, a life isn’t.

Don’t be stupid, just think ahead.

You’ll be rewarded, if you’re quick.

Let it go, then gain more.

Just replace it, never claim it.