Sandwich Topics and a Fun Poem

by Sableshade

Shadow Brook orb
     Today I have a craving for pizza, my mom is plotting a strange jalapeño taco combo, and I’m going to be seeking a game design mentor soon (Remember, I am a Level Designer with branching skills). Forgive the randomness, but even I got to find a way to keep myself entertained while making this Powerline grow.
     For those just finding this place, I wonder how and when you ran into it? Did you just use an over popular search engine or an underrated one? Did I myself days, weeks, or even years from now finally crack out of boredom of self-narration, and said “I’m Sableshade, and this is my blog!!!- or to some extent have interested the minds of the internet (and friends) to explore my history and merely “show up”? Since a chunk of these rambles are just my thoughts in freewriting, let’s see if a real topic comes up…

Here’s one!
     In the middle of the dry sahara, is place where space is nothing but an infinite pit of information and history. Could you imagine an ageless black orb floating on a flat sea of sand in the middle of nowhere? This orb of darkness is guarded by a series of small triangular pikes that feel out of place with the world itself; these “teeth“ seem to be drawn to the center, where the orb sits like a gateway. On the other side is a mix of structures that belong to lost cultures, giant bones that hold the structures in a prism of twists and turns, and no true bottom within the orb for the unwary. Within this place, one could never become lost if they stuck to the thin roads that lead to the next building of theory or if they could fly. Lessons, thoughts, ideas, theft, lies, and deceit are the main ways to get around these captured cities within a city. Yet, if one was devoted to learned the ways of space and darkness, the power of the black orb that holds this haven could become their solace instead of the sun that only burns light on to them.

     Well, I know that as I keep throwing ideas out there, someone is bound to see them. I just know these things… I wish I knew how though.

Stop and think.
Pry an eye and wonder.
Even I can make sense of my words.
Even I can make stuff up.
Don’t call this man a fool just yet!
I aim to remain simple, yet complex…
Do not tell everyone you know about Speed-demon tracks.
Eventually everyone will know about it if you now know it now.
My perspective is my own, trust me on this.
Openly express the topics that I throw out there.
Not everyone will except them, but anyone can learn from them.

I’ll speak when I have another topic… Or just on Monday’s
(because I’m night/early bird’s shadow… kind of guy).