Welcome to Speed-demon Tracks

by Sableshade


I am the host, blogger, and storyteller about the words that my listeners will read throughout this experience and my very existence. I speak to you in this way, because this is normally how I enjoy talking, but forgive me if this “persona” changes from time to time.
I am known as Sableshade, personally I have other names (but for simple reasons, I’ll explain that gimmick later). I am a man who enjoys exploring the perspectives of the people I get to speak to. I enjoy platformer video games, but just like music, I try to explore every genre that there is to understand, and then learn new things from it. I also like being aware of new things no matter how strange they are, because I enjoy trying to be serious while still being random.
For now, I’m simply putting my words here for others to one day follow. If the crowd enjoys adventure, I’ll try to explore a cave (note that I live a city). If the crowd requests some personal stuff, I’ll likely just rant about my daily notes and rambles (I do intend on using some of the posts like a painting wall, with a pencil). If the crowd wants to see my concepts and plans for games or maybe have me experience a certain one, then I’ll be glad to see what I can do (after all, even a level designer needs opinions).

However, for now I’ll just prepare something else to say.

Remember, I don’t really know if anyone’s out there, but I know that you exist… I can see that even without my eyes.